Thursday, June 5, 2008

Messages From Beyond

Messages From Beyond

Many parents report receiving signs or messages from their children who have passed on, leaving them with a newly found faith of reuniting with their child when it’s their turn to leave this realm called earth.

Some parents are careful about who they share these encounters with, because unless you are accustomed to such a thing, it’s near impossible to grasp understanding and believe that it was not just a figment of their imagination. They also fear being called crazy, even though they may initially feel that way at times and question their own sanity after such a devastating loss.

Such an experience is called, After Death Experience (ADC) they come in many forms; dreams, sounds, smells, and found objects. The timing and details of these types of messages provides evidence that makes them believable to the witness. Feeling a deep connection to their child, hearing their voice, or seeing their child in a vivid dream leaves the person feeling there is still a connection between them, even after their earthly death, which brings immense comfort to the heavily grieving heart. Read More...

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  1. Cherri,

    I love this. I hope someday Amanda will leave me some "sign" or give me something that will show me she is still with me too. I need to know she is still there. You are so lucky to have those moments. Thank you for all you do.